We accept donation from likeminded organization, individuals, Banks, Govt. Institutions and others in the form of funds (cash, bank transfer, DD, Cheques etc), technology grant, object grant and other acceptable form under law.

We acknowledge our donors with receipt of thanks that would be delivered by post or electronically to our valuable donors on their address. Donation to GreenLips is tax exempted.

For making donation and supporting the cause, contact GreenLips at ‘’. Make a DD/ Cheque in favour of GreenLips, payable at Moradabad and post it to our address with your Name and contact details. For making online donation (Nation/ Foreign) contact us at ‘’.


The condition of eligibility for membership of the GreenLips follows as:

Anyone from India or abroad can be a member, if he/she have passion to work for real cause for environment & social reform. Any individual who has attained the age of 21 year can be a member of the organization  provided that membership is subjected to approval by the management council/ advisory council. The organization has following classes of membership listed below-

Individual Members

Donor Members

Honorary Members

Founder Members

Founder Members: The members who estaiblished the organization.

Honorary Members: Distinguished personalities from public life/ field of various domain of knowledge may be invited to become honorary member by organization.

Donor Members: An individual or an Institute who donates the fund to organization for the causes and objectives of organization.

Individual Members: An individual person/ institute who take active interest in the objective of society and pay the subscription/membership fee to organization.

All members have to pay the nominal charges for becoming the member of organization as decided by advisory council meeting time to time. The membership fees is listed below.


Indian (Rs)

Foreigner (USD)

Individual & Donor

(5 year/ Personal)

3 500


Individual & Donor

(2 year/ Institutional)

5 000


Renewal of Individual & Donor

(3 year term)

3 000 (Personal)

 4 500 (Institutional)

250 (Personal)

 350 (Institutional)

Life Time Membership

 (upto age 75)

50 000

5 000

 On renewal of membership rebate will be given as per condition decided by council time to time. On group membership of 20 person or more 8.9 % concession may be given. Subscription of membership is payable in advance for a respective year terms and due on or before 1st of March each year.