About Us

Vision and Policy of Organization

GREENLIPS is a non profitable organization, registered with Govt. under Society Act.  It is formed to carry out R&D activities in Natural & Engineering Science, Art, Biodiversity Preservation, Food Security and Rural Livelihood development.

 GREENLIPS have a vision of achieving Interdisciplinary Innovation through bringing the knowledge at one platform.

To achieve this vision, we have formulated the mission of improving the quality of education.  The quantity is achieved, now it’s a time to develop quality, the quality that originates from inner-self.  We want to make a society in which any one can start his/her education and age doesn’t become a breaker in this path. We believe that learning is a continuous process and it is not bounded to specific section of age and anyone can be illuminated towards knowledge anytime in his/her voyage and achieve growth.

Code of Conduct

All employees and members are expected to comply with both in letter and spirit of this statement and code of conduct in all our dealings with the service provider, employee and management and members of the organization.

 Obey all applicable laws, regulation and professional standards and ethics that govern the business of organization.

 Safeguard organization ethics, value and vision and never compromise or alter them for any reason.

  Recognize and value high ethical standards and report any unethical or illegal behavior.

  Maintain an environment of honesty, trust and integrity.

  Respect organization property and colleagues.


 Rules and Regulations

Provide equal opportunity to all.

Promote a vision- one family one worker.

Fresher’s will be given priority.

Encourage social reform in organization and any kind of harassment within colleague strictly not entertained.

Discrimination based on colour, caste, religion, sex, faith should not be tolerated and anyone found guilty of disturbing the harmony within organization and its family should be prosecuted under law and his/her services should be terminated and black listed for future assignments throughout nation.

 Work Life Policy

Employees are expected to conduct themselves as professionals. They would be provided the better working condition according to real Indian scenario.

The new ideas will be welcomed always from employees that help the improving working scenario and help organization to growth and lead.