GREENLIPS is a non profitable organization, registered with Govt. under Society Act.  It is formed to carry out R&D activities in Natural & Engineering Science, Art, Biodiversity Preservation, Food Security and Rural Livelihood development.

GreenLips stands for "Geo-graphical Research in Earth Environment and Nature through Livelihood improvement of people."

 The organization is estaiblished to work in the multi-disciplinary regime. the greenlips work to bring the versatile knowledge on a single platform/ forum and endeavor the intelligence in exaltation of society. the main aim of society is to promote map culture in the country and wherever possible protect the nature from degradation and hazards. rural development, disaster management, providing training and develop skill in youth are other aim of organization. The organization also likes to work in developing open source information network and digital libraries for national citizens and help local bodies in E-governace.



Test Blog Title

Test Blog Title

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Social Technological Empowerment

Progress & Protect Nature

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"Villages and Cities are in an intimate relationship. Whateven the urban space need, rural space provide. But when-ever the vice-versa is required, urban skedaddle. This constant mutual relation is breaking and nobody can afford to live without esteemed villages." - Dr. A N Singh

Movement GreenLips will raise and restore this relation between urban and rural space by promoting the skill development in rural mass, restoring the esteem of villages and creating a better livelihood and surrounding to live in. If cluster of 5-10 villages get united and work on "Set-Theory" and work on demand and supply concept for nearby urban , then they would be in better situation.