GreenLips stands itself as Geographical research in Earth Environment & Nature for Livelihood Improvement of people.

It is formed for undertaking R&D activities which impact on improvement in people living and surrounding and help in increasing the livelihood of marginal and underprivileged families.

At present our focus is on checking rural migration to urban area.

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GREENLIPS, a not for profit organization is registered as Trust and head office is in Peetalnagri of Uttar Pradesh.

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HANS-TM Meet & Educational Excellence Awards to Higher Education & Professionals in India- 2018

GREENLIPS, a Charitable Trust is organizing the National Conference “HANS – TM MEET” (Multidisciplinary Conference) and will be presenting the Excellence Awards in Education to Eminent Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Principals, Educationists, Administrators, Professionals, Professors, Scientists and Scholars in the field of Arts and Humanities, Agriculture, Engineering, Economics and Commerce, Law, Management, Science, etc., in recognition of their contributions in higher education & teaching for year 2018 during National Meet on May 26th, 2018 at New Delhi.

The prescribed nomination request along with a brief biodata and relevant information for nomination for award can be sent through email (exploration.hr@gmail.com) and also by post on or before May 05th, 2018.

The Registration for HANS-TM is mandatory for all delegates. The registration fee is only for the conference / Meet is as given here and Nomination for Awards is free.

  Scientist / Faculty members / Administrators Institutions/
Discounted Fee:Upto May 05’2018 Rs. 8000/- Rs. 15000/-
Full Fee: May 06-15’ 2018
Rs. 9000/- Rs. 16000/-


The last date to register for Meet is May 05th, 2018. Submit your nomination details along with registration fee details before last date.


GREENLIPS is a non profitable organization, registered with Govt. under Society Act.  It is formed to carry out R&D activities in Natural & Engineering Science, Art, Biodiversity Preservation, Food Security and Rural Livelihood development.

GREENLIPS have a vision of achieving Interdisciplinary Innovation through bringing the knowledge at one platform.

To achieve this vision, we have formulated the mission of improving the quality of education.  The quantity is achieved, now it’s a time to develop quality, the quality that originates from inner-self.  We want to make a society in which any one can start his/her education and age doesn’t become a breaker in this path. We believe that learning is a continuous process and it is not bounded to specific section of age and anyone can be illuminated towards knowledge anytime in his/her voyage and achieve growth.


Founder Members/Trustees

  • Dr. A N S Mewar (Secretary)

                       He is of Multidisciplinary nature, focused for perfection; new                                     ideas; innovations and motivational speaker. He has experience of                        various domains from mineral exploration to space technology,                         computers to programming, project management, waste                         recycling & management. He had handled mineral prospecting &                         mining projects in Africa. He is working in water sector at present                        and dealing with rural development issues as well.

  • Dr. Sarita S Nagar (Chairperson)

                         She is Bio-technologist by profession.

  • Mahendra Singh

                       He is civil engineer by profession but working as innovative                                        farmer.

Board of Directors/Advisors

i. Dr. A N S Mewar

ii. Dr. Sarita S Nagar

iii. Mahendra Singh

iv. Dr. A K Nigam

v. Dr. S K Gupta

vi. (member position vacant)

vii. (member position vacant)

The organizational chart is as shown here.


India Office:


Satyavrat House Mirpur Majholi  Delhi Road

Moradabad  UP  India. Pin 244001